A Collection by Julius Jooste

The “Dancers of Ibiza” project began as an exercise in learning how to form healthy relationships with members of the opposite sex that are not sexual. To cultivate relationships based on adding value, mutual interests and compatibility.

For this collection, I travelled extensively between Spain, Germany and South Africa. I photographed more than 60 photo sessions with Dance Music’s most sought after performers.

In order to fulfil my personal goals to create with intentionality, each photoshoot began with an interview and planning session. “Think of this as an opportunity to do the kind of photos you’ve always wanted to do, but never got booked to do.” And with this, we let our imaginations run wild.

Today, nearly eight years since this project first began, I find myself with renewed respect not only for the feminine psyche as a whole but also for the feminine energy that resides within me. I credit this transformation entirely to my time spent with the Dancers of Ibiza.

When I finally began to assemble this collection, I wanted to pay tribute to the feminine divine and thus named each piece of artwork after a female deity or prominent female literary character. My hope is that this collection will inspire others to connect with their own inner goddess and cultivate their feminine energy in fulfilling and meaningful ways.

To ensure that the highest level of quality is maintained throughout the production process, this collection is printed, framed and packed (in art safe shipping containers) by WhiteWall.

Learn more about each editioned art piece and how it is made in its ‘Product Info’ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

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