Limited Edition: Framed Print [1 of 50]

Carna is a protective Roman Goddess, who brings strength of the physical body. She protects and keeps healthy the vital organs, especially the lungs, liver and heart. Carna’s themes are health, kinship, change and opportunity. She is also the patroness of the hinge, meaning She can help us open or close any doors in our life.

Dancer: Lucie Blahuskova
From: Czech Republic
Location: Ibiza, Spain
Shoot: 20 October 2015
Photographer: Julius Jooste



Dancers of Ibiza Online Exhibition

The collection consists of 48 images with 26 exotic dancers from all over the world and have been aptly named after female deities throughout time. Each piece is available in 5 different sizes and each size is has 10 editions available.

Edition: 1 of 50
Photo Paper: FineArt Pearl Hahnemühle Photo Paper
Passe-Partout: Non-acidic, fade-resistant museum card stock – Free of wooden fibres
Color: Natural White
Material: Hahnemühle museum card
Width: 3 cm (1.18 in.)
Thickness: 1.4 mm (0.06 in.)
Glass: Anti-reflective Mirogard Museum Glass
Frame: Hamburg Black Oak
Profile Width: 20mm
Color: Alder Brown
Hanging Mechanism: Rear hooks made of metal (Included in Pricing)
Certificate of Authenticity: Certificate sent via email as PDF upon receipt