Limited Edition: Framed Print [1 of 50]

Dancer: Amalia Mimi
From: Romania
Location: Atlantis, Ibiza, Spain
Shoot: 18 September 2014
Photographer: Julius Jooste

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Chara was the most favoured child of Archon, and all the gods loved her. As with many of her brethren, she could be capricious, giving pleasure in one minute and then taking it away in the next. The Atlantean people often sacrificed to her in hopes of keeping her good will and ensuring they would prosper and be happy.

Product Description

Edition: 1 of 50
Photo Paper: FineArt Pearl Hahnemühle Photo Paper
Passe-Partout: Non-acidic, fade-resistant museum card stock – Free of wooden fibres
Color: Natural White
Material: Hahnemühle museum card
Width: 3 cm (1.18 in.)
Thickness: 1.4 mm (0.06 in.)
Glass: Anti-reflective Mirogard Museum Glass
Frame: Hamburg Black Oak
Profile Width: 20mm
Color: Alder Brown
Hanging Mechanism: Rear hooks made of metal (Included in Pricing)
Certificate of Authenticity: Certificate sent via email as PDF upon receipt
Time to Process Payment: 5-7 Business Days
Manufacturing: 1-2 Business Days
Shipping: 7-14 Business Days

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